My 15 most memorable dishes 2022

This year has been like ridning a roller coaster! War in Ukraine, inflation, increasing gas prices – and covid -19 still lurking around the corner. It is definately no happy days for restaurants or their guests, but we need to keep our hopes up.

The restaurants are even more important now, as a place to find comfort, to eat and drink well and to find joy and company. I am not travelling as much as before covid closed down the world, but restaurants scene is till my work and passion. A trend in this list i several creative bread servings! Here are my 15 most memorable dishes in 2022, in random order.

Celeriac, cod roe, fermented cream and caviar at Geranium, Copenhagen.
Langoustine with mussel and butter sauce at Noma, Copenhagen.
Sea urchin, coriander and youtiao at Jatak, Copenhagen.
Raw shrimps in butter milk with horseradish, wasabi and dill at Jordnær, Copenhagen.
Lobster at Bruno Verjus, Paris, France
Sticky rice ball with chantilly and raspberry at Yam’Tcha in Paris, France.
Feuillantine de langoustines aux graines de sésame, sauce au curry at L’Ambroisie, France. Incredible!
Corn and cultured cream topped with caviar at Gastrologik in Stockholm, Sweden.
Pilsnerkavring at Oaxen Krog i Stockholm, Sweden.
Hokkaido milk bun filled with bleak roe at Nour, Stockholm, Sweden.
Lobster ”snurre” with caramelized onions and ragout of Aarhus lobster at Frederikshøj, Aarhus, Denmark.
Langoustine with nishiki rice, ”choron” and butter emulsion at Frantzén in Stockholm, Sweden.
3 x pumpkin, old apple tree apples from Trebije and chestnut milk by Ana Ros.
Space bread from Alchemist is a dish created with inspiration from MIT Media Lab on designing food for space travel.
This gave Rasmus the inspiration for this impression, as the surfacereminded him of the surface of the moon.
The texture of this feather-light bread is achieved by macerating toasted sourdough bread in milk so that the milk extracts the flavor from the bread. After this process, the milk is aerated and freeze-dried. It is topped with wheat cream and caviar. Love this flavours and textures.
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